Pumpkin Pie


A pumpkin pie from the Maven is made with top quality natural ingredients, nothing artificial, and a delicate blend of hand ground spices. After many years, we have found the recipe that takes us back to the pies of our youth, made with love and full of coziness. Each crust is hand formed, filled by artisan bakers and baked in our ovens.

The Maven pie features hand cut pastry leaves on top to help decorate your table. Artisan hand work is becoming increasingly rare in a world of mechanically made food. We think it makes a huge difference in the taste and presentation, and we hope you love it as much as we do.

Regarding Gluten Free Options

Our gluten free items are made without gluten containing ingredients. Please note, however, that all our products are made in a facility and using equipment along with gluten containing ingredients, and trace amounts of gluten may therefore be present in products labeled gluten free. Our gluten free products may not be suitable for individuals with a medical intolerance to gluten, and it is important for each individual to make a choice as to whether this item suits your needs as a gluten free product.