New Mexico Cookie Combo


Enjoy the rich and flavorful world of New Mexican cookies with our exquisite Biscochito and Chocolate Piñon Cookie Combo! Want to level it up? Add a bag of our delicious Chocolate Piñon Coffee Beans. :)

Biscochitos: Step into the heart of New Mexico with our Biscochitos, a beloved cookie deeply rooted in the state's culinary heritage. These delicate, buttery confections are infused with the warm essence of cinnamon and anise, creating a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate. The tender, crumbly texture and the subtle sweetness make Biscochitos the perfect companion for your afternoon tea or a delightful treat to share with loved ones. (16 cookies)

Chocolate Piñon Cookies: Elevate your cookie experience with our Chocolate Piñon Cookies, a unique blend of decadence and tradition. Rich, velvety chocolate combines harmoniously with the nutty crunch of piñon nuts, delivering a sophisticated flavor profile that captures the spirit of the Southwest. Each bite is a journey through the rugged landscapes of New Mexico, where the sweetness of chocolate meets the earthy notes of piñon, creating a delightful sensory adventure. 

Handcrafted with premium ingredients and a dedication to authenticity, our Biscochitos and Chocolate Piñon Cookies pay homage to the culinary legacy of New Mexico. Whether you're savoring a moment of solitude or sharing these treats with friends and family, these classic cookies promise a taste of the enchanting Southwest in every delightful bite. (16 cookies)

Chocolate Piñon Coffee Beans: The Maven's signature Piñon Chocolate Coffee is a favorite of locals and visitors alike. Beans grown in Columbia and Central America are infused with organic oils of piñon and natural chocolate flavor. Cozy, comforting and fulfilling and the hands down favorite of our guests. All Maven signature coffees are roasted to our specifications in Santa Fe, NM at over 7,000 feet altitude by our friends at Aroma Coffee. High altitude roasting allows moisture to escape from the beans at a lower temperature, and creating a longer, slower more delicate roast that retains nuanced flavors of the beans more so than higher temperature roasting. This coffee is truly unique. (12 oz vacuum sealed bag.)