Mushroom Mama Superfood Tea Blends


Healthy gourmet tea in reusable tins, with trees planted each time you purchase, make medicinal mushrooms part of a healthy lifestyle! These adaptogenic superfoods help balance body, mind, and spirit. Medicinal mushroom tea could be what you need to relax and let go of daily stress. Just add water.

Immune Warrior blends chaga, cordyceps, maitake, red reishi and shiitake with cinnamon to totally rock your immune system!

Chocolate Chaga adds dopamine-rich raw cacao to chaga, codyceps, maitake, red reishi and shiitake for the healthiest hot chocolate ever!

Supreme Balance hand blends astragalus, ashwagandha and fo-ti with chaga, cordyceps, maitake, red reishi and shiitake for tea that balances the stresses of life.

Happy Bones celebrates the addition of natto and horsetail to chaga, codyceps, maitake, red reishi and shiitake to offer strong bone support.

Golden Stamina owes its deep yellow, anti-inflammatory effects to turmeric, cordyceps and black pepper. A great morning tea!

Power Soup is the healthiest bouillon ever with eight mushrooms, turmeric, kelp and black pepper. A great addition to bone broth!

Mushroom Properties

Chaga draws nutrient-rich betulin from living birch trees. It supports the body's ability to eliminate toxins while also stimulating the nervous system. Chaga is said to have the highest anti-oxidant level of any mushroom

Cordyceps has displayed a capacity to lower bad LDL cholesterol and raise good HDL cholesterol levels. Cordyceps is touted as a sexual tonic.

Maitake mushrooms can grow to the size of basketballs. Their heal benefits come from beta-glucans, which activate macrophages, natural killer cels and T cells. Studies have shown Maitake to have anti-tumor, anti-diabetic and anti-viral properties.

Red Reishi and its medicinal use dates back over 4000 years. Water-soluble polysaccharides have been shown to have anti-tumor, immune modulating and blood pressure lowering effects. Improves blood circulation and known to be heart strengthening.

Shiitake mushrooms have been eaten for 6000 years. Studies trace benefits to a compound called lentinan which strengthens the body's ability to fight infection and disease. Said to be beneficial for those with HIV.

Lions Mane is said to help you feel good and enhance your memory. These protein-rich mushrooms taste a bit like seafood and are being studied for their neuro-protective effects.

Turkey Tail, renowned in Asia as a source for cancer therapy, are some of the most common woods mushrooms on the planet; growing on dead trees, logs, branches and stumps.

Agarikon was described as the elixir of long life in 65 A.D. by the Greek physician Dioscorides in Materia Medica, the first known herbal medical manual.