Chocolate Maven Tart


The Chocolate Maven Tart is made with natural ingredients and filled with delicious fillings. Chocolate Maven tarts feature a "Pâte Sucrée" crust, which is a crisp yet tender pastry crust that is slightly sweet. Each tart is 9" in diameter and serves 8 - 12.


Bright cheerful intense lemony goodness! A classic with all natural ingredients in a 9" tart crust of genuine pâte sucrée.

Lemon Raspberry (New!)
The delicious mix of lemon and raspberry make this new flavor absolutely deliciously exploding with flavor.

Chocolate Pecan
Pecans, caramel and chocolate all baked to decadent deliciousness inside our famous pâte sucrée. Absolutely fabulous decadence!

Caramel and pecans baked with brown sugar and butter, this tart is one of the most luxurious that we make.

National shipping available.