Cookies on the Regular

Cookies are one of the most joyful creations, and with a cookie subscription from The Maven that joy of cookieness continues all year long. Each month you will receive a selection of our staff’s favorite cookies, from the addictively munchable Manhattan chocolate chip to the most luxurious macaroons to swoon for.

The subscription begins the month that you join and includes, but is not limited to, the items listed below. Cancel anytime!

Coconut Macaroons

Like clouds of coconut sweetness, the Maven’s Macaroons are chewy, sweet and substantial, combining vanilla and coconut. If we are up late working on a project these are the first go-to.

Chocolate Pinon Cookies

We have combined the heady flavor of piñon, also known as pine nuts, that grow on sturdy short drought resistant trees in New Mexico, and combined it with the soul satisfying nature of chocolate. These crisp munchables remind us of the way chocolate has been used for centuries in Mexico, the original home of cultivated chocolate. We hope you will enjoy this delightful combination of ancient flavors.

Lemon Piccadilly Snaps

Delightfully bright lemon flavor with a munchable crispness deliver a shot sunshine to your taste buds. These are one of our staff favorites.

Scottish Highland Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Your favorite raisin cookie - kinda crunchy, kinda soft - transport yourself to the misty shores of Scotland.

Chocolate Espresso Cookies

The Maven’s Chocolate Espresso cookie takes the magical duo from tropics -  chocolate and chocolate - and bakes it into a crunchy invigorating morsel.

King Harold Ginger Snaps

King Harold, whenever he planned a feast, would send his bakers to the Far East in search of ginger. Along the way they would fill up their canteens with gallons of molasses, and return in time to bake these delicious cookies. King Harold and his guests would rejoice and feast on them for days.

They are crisp and delicate with just the right balance of ginger. They are sturdy enough to dunk in coffee, tea or cocoa, yet delicate enough to enjoy right out of the box with an addictively satisfying crunch.  

These days there is no need to send your bakers traveling. We are right here getting them out of the oven ready to ship you a box right away.

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jennifer bonilla
Cookie subscription

So far 2 sets of cookies have arrived at the subscriptor table. The baker has approved of the cookies so far . They were described as special a totally different type of batter! Interesting and very good .