Chocolate Raspberry Torte


Dark Belgian chocolate cake, crushed raspberry filling and on top, iced with dark Belgian chocolate ganache. This cake explodes with the mind blowing flavors of chocolate and raspberry, perfectly balanced in their intensity and all naturally done the same time. One of our most popular creations.

Order for store pickup at our Santa Fe location or local delivery. This item is not suitable for long distance shipping.

Please provide 24 Hours notice, 48 hours for gluten free.

Regarding Gluten Free Options

Our gluten free items are made without gluten containing ingredients. Please note, however, that all our products are made in a facility and using equipment along with gluten containing ingredients, and trace amounts of gluten may therefore be present in products labeled gluten free. Our gluten free products may not be suitable for individuals with a medical intolerance to gluten, and it is important for each individual to make a choice as to whether this item suits your needs as a gluten free product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Always fabulous

I ordered the chocolate raspberry torte as requested by the guest of honor for her going away party. I typically order gluten free cakes from CM as no one even knows and everyone can partake. The cake was fabulous and the hit of the party. Thank you!

Yousif Abudra

Delicious, moist, and decadent!

Perfect gf wedding cake

If you’re a fan of raspberry and chocolate, this is the cake for you! We had it as our wedding cake. It’s decadent and rich, and freezes well. Simply excellent.

Joseph Ferrin
A great dessert contribution

This chocolate raspberry cake is a rich, moist creation which would make any host or hostess proud. Nothing beats this combination of dense chocolate with generous amounts of raspberry between the layers and atop the cake as well. A handsome presentation.

Thank you so much, Joseph! We're happy to contribute to your dessert table.

Lisa Madison

I mean, is there a better flavor combination on this beautiful planet of ours besides dark chocolate and raspberry? I think not. And this raspberry isn't too sweet either, which makes it that much better. Definitely a decadent cake, dressed to impress. :)