Buttery, flaky crust filled with the most delectable fruit & nut fillings!

Fruit Pies

Blackberry with Lattice Top

Premium blackberries with just enough sugar to bring out the natural flavor. Slow-baked.


Wild Blueberry with Lattice Top

A customer favorite - wild blueberries are more flavorful than commercial ones!


Chocolate Cherry Pie

The sweet tartness of red cherries plays so well with mind-blowing Belgian Chocolate!


Cherry Pie with Lattice Top

100% natural with plump cherries slow cooked inside our hand-cut lattice top


Colonial Apple

Slices of Granny Smith apples baked down slowly inside our rustic folded crust.


Colonial Cherry

A rustic folded crust gently envelopes this joyous sweet red cherry goodness.


Dutch Apple (crumble topping)

Granny Smith apples slow cooked beneath our fabulous buttery streusel topping.


Dutch Cranberry Apple (crumble topping)

Just like our Dutch Apple Pie, but with a delightful speckling of cranberries throughout.


Green Chile Apple

The sweet comfort of apples balanced with a gentle kick of green chile. Delicious, warming, comforting & invigorating all the same time. $20


Sunny, happy and full of sweet summer memories! $18

Strawberry Rhubarb

Tangy rhubarb and sweet strawberries baked into a hand-made lattice top crust pie.


Mince (seasonal)

Apples, dried cranberries, black currants and apricot jam combine into a pie that brings old world deliciousness into your dining room. $24

Pumpkin (seasonal)

Revisit your childhood. All natural ingredients featuring hand-cut pastry leaves on top!



Nut Pies

Loaded with pecans and caramel. This is a sweet, earthly delight we will always love. 


Chocolate Pecan 

Decadently soft & sweet, this pie is the core of comfort. Drizzled with ganache!



Tarts & Tartlets

Pear Almond Raspberry Tart 

Glazed pears, almond frangipani and house made raspberry conserve, all in a pastry shell of pate sucre. This tart explodes with flavor and sweetness. $24

Baked Apple

Blueberry Cheesecake

Cherry Cheesecake

Raspberry Cheesecake

Chocolate Cherry 

Dark Chocolate Ganache

Key Lime



Chocolate Pecan



Fresh seasonal assorted fruit (4" $5, 9" $26)

(gluten-free options available)