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©2019 Chocolate Maven Bakery & Cafe | 821 W. San Mateo Road, Santa Fe, NM 87505  USA | 



The Chocolate Maven is closely monitoring the situation around coronavirus, and responding to rapidly changing information. Our goal at this time is to serve you healthy food and baked goods in the safest possible manner and minimize the risk of transmission of  COVID-19. When you do choose to go out for food, we want to be confident that you can trust in the Chocolate Maven.



We are implementing numerous new protocols above and beyond our regular high standard of cleanliness, to make sure you can trust The Maven for the healthiest food and service.  


These include:



We have implemented almost constant cleaning of surfaces throughout public and kitchen areas, using food grade sanitizer approved for food contact surfaces. We use extra care in the high use areas such as the front counter, railings, door handles and bathrooms. 



Maven employees are maintaining a strict code of hand washing and use of disposable gloves. Hand washing has been shown to be one of the most important preventatives of the transmission of COVID-19. In addition food handlers are also using fresh gloves, which help prevent the transmission of microbes as well as discourage touching of face. Those who are handling fresh food from the kitchen and bakery are also wearing NT-95 face masks, out of an abundance of caution. 



We have implemented single use menus for each guest, and are also encouraging using personal device to access our menu. Restaurant menus in other restaurants are often highly contaminated with microbes, therefore we have taken this precaution for your safety with utmost importance.


Table tops at the Maven are always covered with clean fresh paper and linen for each guest. We have done this for years. Table tops can fertile ground for microbes in many other restaurants, and often are incompletely cleaned between guests, this is why we cover them with paper for each guest, and use a linen beneath the paper. 


Salt, pepper, mustard, ketchup and other condiments now off the table and served individually upon request.



Immediately before you sign we clean the signature screen with disinfectant.  We also clean again immediately after the screen it is signed by a guest. Screens are also cleaned throughout the day by servers and counter staff.  



A great way to get the deliciousness of the Maven right to your door is our delivery. Our drivers follow strict kitchen hygiene for packing your order, always wearing gloves when handling the food containers, whether in our facility or at your location. We are increasing our delivery hours to run from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.


We are happy to leave your order in a place that you designate such as a front porch. We will notify you when your order has been delivered. Please indicate your instructions in your ordering notes.


At times outside our delivery hours, or for deliveries beyond of our our delivery range, we have contracts with Uber Eats and Fetch. Feel click to their sites from our home page. 


We will package your take out order with care, wearing gloves, and strict kitchen cleanliness, and consolidate your order in clean service boxes or bags, handled only by gloved hands.  



Instead of self serve, all unwrapped fresh pastries will be served from behind the counter by a Maven team member using tongs, gloved and freshly washed hands. Just let us know what you would like!


Coffee is also being served from behind the counter to prevent public with the airpots, creamers and condiments. We will be happy to fill your coffee exactly the way you like it. Please note that we are unable to fill personal cups during this period. 



We have implemented increased training and supervision to strictly follow CDC and WHO guidelines. 


Through these precautions and our care for you, we endeavor to make the Chocolate Maven your choice as one of safest places to eat in Santa Fe, as well as the healthiest and most delicious.