Best Dessert
Chocolate Maven
Best 2002 SF Reporter

Chocolate Maven owner Daram doesn't even hesitate when asked what his restaurant and bakery'smost popular dessert is: "Hands down, the Brownie Chocolate Extravaganza." Indeed, chocoholics can do no better than this rich warm brownie that runneth over with Chantilly cream and chocolate ganache. "It's fabulous," Daram says.

For the rare weirdos who don't swoon for chocolate, Daram says the pear almond tart and Chocolate Maven's moist carrot cake are also popular choices, all of which are made by the bakery's head pastry chef Ariel Harrison. But back to chocolate. There's also the singular Belgian chocolate torte and un utterly decadent ice cream sandwich: Homemade dulce de leche ice cream is sandwiched between slices of chocolate chiffon cake and then the whole deal is dipped in chocolate. They're not fooling around. (KW)